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Reason Mercedes Is Bringing The A-Class To The States

After twenty long year, Mercedes-Benz is finally offering their A-Class sedan to the American market.

The nameplate itself is 20 years old and the German manufacturer has decided against bringing this model across the pond for just as long, until now. According to Automotive News, Mercedesí entry-level sedan will be offered in the States next year and itíll be sitting right under the CLA-Class sedan.

Confirming the news were Mercedes-Benz USA officials at a meeting in Miami this month. Dealers were invited and according to their sources, the production model was on display and the release date is slated for September, 2018.

But why the change in heart?

The original W168-generation A-Class was quite the popular car with affordable engines and a versatile interior, but Mercedes didnít see a demand for the hatch in the U.S. with buyers choosing to go with larger SUVs. Then the second-generation A-Class debuted in 2014 and like its predecessor, came with a lineup of thrifty four-cylinder engines. Still, Mercedes didnít see a demand for such a car in the States even with increasing gas prices.

Only by using the A-Class platform to develop GLA-Class did Mercedes see potential for the A-class in the U.S. market. They finally saw the marketís desire for small Mercedes vehicles, but shy away from offering the A-Class hatchback to avoid competing with the VW Golf. Thus the A-Class sedan, and Mercedes still see the marketís dislike of luxury hatchbacks like the W203-generation C230 Sportcoupe as a sign to avoid going the hatchback route.

The A-Class could prove to be popular with the American market is priced reasonably.
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