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2019 Mercedes A-Class Expectations

Dual-Screen Infotainment

Among design changes aside from the new predator face, is an entirely new interior that surprisingly pulls right from flagship Mercedes models. Like the S-Class we will be getting a dual screen setup, an all-digital instrument cluster sitting next to an equally sized infotainment screen. Compared to the brands other entry-level CLA sedan, this is an impressive step forward. Surrounding these screens in the spy shot above is an S-Class inspired dashboard and steering wheel. Expect the rest of the interior to follow.

For starters, the traditional instrument cluster with analog dials and physical needles will become a thing of the past as the new A-Class will switch to an all-digital layout. That being said, the entry-level trim level might still feature the old-school setup, perhaps only in some countries where the starting price is very important for people wanting to dip their toes into the premium segment. We won’t be too surprised if it will happen considering the much more expensive E-Class can still be had with this setup in some markets.

To the right of the instrument cluster, be it analog or digital, will sit the infotainment system’s screen in line with the other one. That means the tablet-styled display of the outgoing model will have to make way for a more cohesive configuration as seen on the bigger Mercedes models. Of course, the dual screen configuration won’t look nearly as sleek as it does on the E-Class and S-Class models because the displays will likely be smaller as evidenced in the spy shots below. The massive glossy black bezels are not exactly elegant, but let’s keep in mind the A-Class is after all an entry-level model.

Elsewhere, the center console will host an illuminated start/stop button positioned to the left of the three turbine-styled air vents resembling those of the E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet. These will sit above a stack of controls to fiddle with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
- Motor1


Predator Face

As we slowly enter a new era of Mercedes comes a new take on design which the A-Class sedan is part of. Lucky for us the latest CLS wears a production version of the "predator face" we originally seen on the A-Class Concept. Even more exciting and adding to the confirmation here is the AMG GT 4-Door concept that also shares this new take on design.

Mercedes-Benz plans to begin an overhaul of its lineup starting with a revamp of its A-class compact car, which will feature a distinctive "predator faced" grille, and rounder contours than the current model, the automaker's chief designer says.

After once being derided for its old-man image, Mercedes' planned revamp comes as the automaker overtook BMW in global luxury-car sales, and aims to avoid the complacency that has tripped up rivals.

"It's our job to reinvent ourselves," Gorden Wagener said this week in Sindelfingen, Germany, where he presented a mock-up of the new A class in a blacked-out room. Wagener didn't reveal details about the new look, leaving it unclear just how different this version will be. But he provided teasers, saying: "It'll be a very sporty, aggressive car, even as it's pared back and pure."
"There will be a predator face at the front," he said, adding that the new look will reduce some of the traits that he had introduced, such as creases in the car's side, which will drop to one from three. "Creases have had their day."
- AutoNews


Pricing isn't an entire mystery although it still begs the question of what the A Class Sedan could be priced like. Sitting in a segment above the CLA but below the C-Class its easy how obligated Mercedes is to start this off around the low $30k range (USD), an incremental adjustment in price from the CLA.

When the Mercedes-Benz CLA-class made its debut, marketers made hay with its sub-$30,000 base price. That starting figure has since drifted up to $33,625 (with destination), which evidently has the brand thinking about fielding a new A-class variant that would again target the magic $30,000 mark. That’s the word according to Automotive News, which reports that at the brand’s recent dealer meeting in Miami, attendees were shown a new A-class sedan that will join the lineup in the fall of 2018 priced at around $30K. “But the CLA already is an A-class sedan,” you might protest. Actually, no. In the micro-sliced realm of German luxury-brand automotive marketing, the CLA is a four-door coupe. Which means a slightly higher ask than for a boxier four-door.
- CarAndDriver

Hybrid Powertrain

During a time when affordable hybrids are flooding the market from a number of car makers a big question has been where does Mercedes stand? Confirmed through official images is an all-electric range of 50km (31mile) range. Its tough to say how Mercedes will price it but we would like to see this entry-level hybrid start from around $35,000.

In the press photos published by Mercedes-Benz, the range sits at 36 km but approximately 25 per cent of the battery’s power appears to have been drained. With the battery fully-charged, that should result in a 50 km (31 mile) range.

We’ve known for quite some time that the next-generation A-Class would get some form of electrification, most likely through a 48V electrical system. However, up until now, it hasn’t been known if the plug-in hybrid model would offer all-electric driving, yet these images seem to suggest it will. For a vehicle of this sort, a 50-km range is quite impressive.

Expect to see the all-new A-Class hatchback premiere at March’s Geneva Motor Show. Shortly after, Mercedes-Benz will introduce the A-Class Sedan in regular and long-wheelbase guises.
- CarScoops


The Other Powertrains

Globally it has been said the A-Class sedan will get up to 9 powertrain configurations but in the spotlight is an all-new 1.3 turbocharged engine that could produce up to 160hp. Developed with Renault, it won't just be in the A-Class but Nissan and Dacia products too, giving hope to its potential reliability and dependability.

The architecture is being described as "co-developed as part of the partnership between the Alliance and Daimler." And that means not only the A-Class is going to use it, but possibly several Nissan or Dacia models as well.

When launched at the beginning of 2018, the unit will drop straight into a couple of cars you probably don't care very much about: the Scenic and Grand Scenic. However, we believe a facelift for the Megane range will also come out in the first half of the year and should be similarly motorized.
"Significantly improved driving pleasure."

That's the first non-technical term Renault uses to describe its 1.3-liter turbo. After that, it states that the unit offers better torque at low rpm and higher and constant availability at high rpm, while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. But we're not sure what they're comparing it with in the first place.
- AutoEvolution
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Around $30k range is more than agreeable for something like the A-Class, especially for what you'll be getting even at the entry level model.
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I hate that even with the predator face this sedan is still a long way off from what the AMG Hypercar looks like. As you guys can guess they will give us that stuff as the current AMG hypercar ages and gets a refresh. I'm not that patient.
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